Recently a survey revealed that 10 out of seven mobile users bed with mobile phone resulting sleepless nights. More than 900 million subscribers are holding mobile phones of various brands available in the country. Psychiatrists says that addicted mobile user bed with cellphone losing sleep due to obsession, reason they worry that miss out on something (calls or sms) and this will show the way to loss of memory (amnesia).

Experts warns to addicted mobile users that due to heavy use of cellphone from dawn to night restlessly will develop a phobia of being left behind relevant. 
Drastically usage of mobile phone increased after introducing smartphones with option Facebook, Twitter and other related social media sites or apps available Wi-Fi connectivity making people to stick to cellphone continuously.

A person addicted to mobile phone always checks the device on every few minutes and post something on Social media sites or texting to contact their dear ones when go to sleep or at free times. This is certainly not a healthy habit says Psychiatrists and warns to lose sleep at night. Around 71% of Indians – the highest percentage in the world – are on their mobile phones while driving, restaurant, Hospitals and Public Places. CellPhone addicted users talking daily maximum hour’s forgets sensitive locations and Mobile Manners where to speak slowly and loudly. They are all the time in the same way maintains and irritating other people with their behavior.
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There is a way to get the sleep your body needs activities like regular exercise, jogging, dancing, aerobics and participating in any sports can help a person make productive use of energy that is otherwise dissolute while spending long hours on the mobile phone.

Authors’ Words

  • Don’t use mobile phones while driving to avoid Accidents, Your family need you?
  • Don’t use mobile phone at sensitive places, Petrol bunks.
  • Don’t use or talk loudly at Public places, Library, Hospitals and Temples.

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