American Scientis has been developed a new mobile app for Android phone users or other smartphone users having Android installed. This new Android application specially designed/developed to drive mosquitoes. The demand has been increased for Android mobile phones around the world and Android mobile applications. Any type of work in daily life is done with the Android mobile phones very easily. Android phones in the hands of everybody. In addition to these changes with the application of a fresh mosquito repellent further increase in demand for Android phones, say scientists.

Only female mosquitoes bite humans and animals. Males feed on flower nectar. They are attracted by several things, including heat (infrared light), light, perspiration, body odor, lactic acid and carbon dioxide.
If there are mosquitoes near you, you can easily open the software, test a frequency and find out which of the given drives away those pesky insects.

Android mobile phone users must install this mosquito repellent application to quite mosquitoes.  Since then the frequency of the need to operate and after all you’ve done the sound coming from the frequency will throw out mosquitoes from your house or near by. Besides, this application list out how many large numbers of mosquitoes in your area. So far, in every house using mosquito coils, mosquito bats, mosquito machines, mosquito repellents etc., to send out mosquitoes mosquito from your house. After installing this Android application will put an end to all your above items, scientists say. The frequency of the sound coming from the Android application installed on mobile phone just like little dog shouting and there will be no disturbance or irritation to others much.

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