What is the best internet connection type wired or wireless broadband

Wired broadband vs wireless broadband, know which broadband connection is best for work from home (WFH) and Online education?

In this pandemic situation the whole working patterns has been changed and the main change in this Covid - 19 turned our work, education and business style? 

Yes, the everybody is dependent on internet and all the working pattern is digitalized, the usage and demand for internet Internet for our daily activities has become essential. 

What is the best internet connection type

People have started using the internet or internet-based services to do their jobs without the danger of being affected by the pandemic.

Now, the Internet is the most essential structure required of all. Previously, it was mainly used by commercial establishments and corporate customers. 

During this pandemic period, where most of the corporate establishments are expanding work-from-home (WFH) facilities to their workers, stable cum high speed internet connectivity is essential for every home or office. 

Now, educational institutions are also conducting online classes for their students around the world, which also requires the high speed internet connection for home or office or institutions.

Which internet connection is best: When it comes to choosing a home high speed internet connection types, there are two options in front of you which are: - 

  1. Wired broadband connection (Fixed line broadband connection)
  2. Wireless broadband connection (Wifi Internet connection / Airfiber internet connection)

Here the game starts, internet users sometimes takes wrong decision by choosing offer based internet connection without any analysis.

Simply after reading our below article you can easily manage to take yourself the what you need and which one is best wired or wireless connectivity in your home or office. It is the time to decide best internet service provider.

What is a cable broadband Internet connection?

If you are opting for a wired connection, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) will provide you with wired connectivity from office / PBX / telephone exchange to your home, where you will find yourself on a home router. Then onwards, the signal connection do One of dual options.

  • Option 1: The first option is to convert a signal into a wired connection via an Ethernet cable from the router to a device such as a desktop computer or television receiver choose one of  the best wifi router for long range and speed. With a direct connection, there is no slowdown in speed; the speed at which you signed up should be the speed you receive on your end device. If you use more than one device at the same time, the total bandwidth will be shared between these devices.
  • Option 2: The second option is for the signal to be transmitted over the air to the end devices in your home that have the ability to receive Wifi signals (BSNL unlimited wifi plans). Here, we need to check the capacity and capabilities of the Wi-Fi router and end devices. Much better performance is seen on dual-band Wi-Fi routers than single-band routers (Check best wifi router for bsnl ftth connection).
What is the best internet connection type

Advantages of broadband cable connections (landline)

Low Latency: Is cable internet good for online gaming - Fixed broadband (landline) has lower latency which is appropriate for playing online games or using programs that require faster data transfers such as video chat, video conferencing, online training, etc.

High Bandwidth: Cable broadband connection offer high bandwidth. Connections provided via fiber optic cables can offer customers unlimited bandwidth. Bandwidth or download speed does not depend on signal strength or location. 

The installed connection running on 3G or 4G or 5G or WiFi at home or office, the download speed i.e bandwidth is directly proportional to the signal strength. 

After taking high internet connection via best internet service provider in your area check internet speed test online.

Dedicated Bandwidth: The bandwidth is not shared between users as an OFC / copper cable with dedicated bandwidth is used. In the case of a wireless connection, there is the problem of congestion or bandwidth sharing, as the total bandwidth is always shared among all connected users from an area.

Maximum stability: Stability is maximum for cable line connections. OFC / Cable / Telephone lines provide a more stable Internet connection. If the cables are properly maintained, there should be no problems with electromagnetic interference or power lines, etc.

Increased Data Usage (Mobile broadband vs Fixed broadband): Fixed line broadband connections come with more attractive packages with higher data allocations like 1000GB per month, 2000GB per month, 3300GB per month, etc., while mobile data packages offer low data usage such as 1GB / day, 2GB / day, 3GB / day, etc.

Connect all smart devices: You can connect all your smart devices like Smartphone, Smart tV, Wifi inbuilt Air cooler, Washing machines, Drones etc, at the same time without the hassle of slow internet speed.

Integrated voice and IPTV services: Most operators offer free voice connections with unlimited voice calls combined with fixed line broadband connection. In addition, IPTV and OTT services are also offered along with fixed line (cable) broadband Internet connections.

Disadvantages of Wired broadband internet connection (landline)

High Initial Cost: Compared to a wireless broadband connection, the initial cost of establishing a fixed line broadband connection is slightly higher. It involves the process of extending a dedicated cable (OFC / Copper) to the customer site.

Lack of Mobility: For fixed wired internet broadband connection the major part is Mobility. Wired connections are rigid in terms of mobility. To use the device in a different location, you need to install additional cables and routers / switches in the new location.

What is a wireless broadband Internet connection?

The second option from the Internet Service Provider is wireless Internet connectivity. Here you can buy wireless dongle or Wi-Fi dongle (3G / 4G dongle) from your ISP where the main connectivity is from the nearest mobile tower. 

What is the best internet connection type

These dongles also act as a Wi-Fi access point, and you can connect devices in your home via WiFi signals to access the internet. Recently, BSNL started Bharat Air Fiber (BAF) services and offering affordable BSNL Air fibre plans in rural and remote villages where OFC placement is not feasible. 

Over Bharat Fiber services BSNL air fibre connection also works on unlicensed 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi bands.

A detailed chart gives an idea about wireless internet connection advantages and disadvantages.

What are the benefits of using wireless internet connection:

Benefits of Wireless Broadband Internet Connection: It reduces the upfront all types of costs - The main benefit of wireless broadband connection is the lower upfront cost compared to wired broadband connectivity.

Mobility: Most of the Wireless connection networks holds the convenience mobility. Customers can easily change their location without any additional wiring. However, you need to equire confirm the availability of network coverage in the new location.

Disadvantages of wireless broadband internet service

Lack of security: Since wireless networks transmit data over the air, there is always the possibility of a data leak. Wireless networks always have a greater risk of data loss and data modification than copper cabling. 

Therefore, the highest levels of data encryption are absolutely necessary in wireless networks.

Less reliable: Wireless networks are less reliable than wired networks. There may be communication disturbances caused by interference.

Less speed: Wireless LANs have a slower speed than wired LAN.

Coverage Issues: Customers can only get good download speeds if they get the right signal strength in their location. Typically, customers have no control over the network coverage of mobile phone operators. Operators normally adjust their radiators so that the maximum number of users connect to their network.

Bandwidth Limitation: As the number of users in a certain area increases, the performance of the wireless broadband connection will begin to deteriorate. It means that wireless broadband connections are very fluctuating and dedicated bandwidth cannot be protected.

Bottom Line: Fixed or wired network connections are considered to be the most stable and secure internet connectivity available anywhere in the world due to their superior performance over any type of wireless connectivity. ( BSNL Frequent Asked Questions - FAQ )

Fixed line broadband is very essential for work from home as well as for online training purposes, which require dedicated bandwidth and constant download and upload speeds.

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