Dial BSNL Customer Care Number for excess bill Complaints and Service faults

Now Cluster BSNL Customer Care Number – Toll Free BSNL Helpdesk solve excess billing complaints and service related problems. 

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  • BSNL customer grievance contact less number for billing and services
  • BSNL Cluster based services help subscribers to contact responsible person
  • BSNL new billing method of invoice generated will disclose the details of Accounts Officer and Manger numbers

BSNL started contact-less services for BSNL customers to contact the cluster in charge in related to bsnl billing complaint problems or complaints related to the service offered by PSU BSNL.

Dial BSNL Customer Care Number

Public Telecommunications Company Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited - BSNL has begun printing the name and contact telephone number of the responsible cluster-in-charge, as well as the special Officer for Accounts, on extra billing invoices issued to Bharat Fiber and Fixed Line (FTTH) customers. 

This move will really help customers as they can contact affected BSNL officials with their bsnl broadband excess billing complaints or service related complaints without the need to visit BSNL customer service center during these pandemic days.

If you have a problem with the bsnl services, you can report it directly to the responsible Cluster in-charge whose office name and telephone number will be printed on the second page of your telephone bill. Likewise, for billing related issues, customers can directly call the Account Officer (Telecom Revenue) in their area, which will also be printed on the bsnl bill payment invoice. 

According to the most recent information, BSNL has started this new initiative since August 2021 in the in all telecommunications circles. In other words, BSNL telephone bills issued after August 2021 will contain the name and contact telephone number of the bsnl area manager and bsnl area account officer.

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It was decided to make it mandatory to print the name and fixed telephone number of the Telecom Revenue Accounts Officer area office who is responsible to resolve the bsnl bill invoices generated or issued to customers for fixed network, broadband and FTTH services.

BSNL's corporate office has already mandated telecommunications circles to ensure that area and cluster wise data are shared with their respective BSNL data center, in order to allow printing of these details on invoices to be issued starting August 2021. In the event of any subsequent changes to the above details from time to time, the updated details will also be immediately provided to the respective BSNL Data Center to facilitate printing of current contact details on invoices.

BSNL started new Contact less Helpline Services in August 2021!

We checked and confirmed the same on the latest BSNL phone bill issued in August 2021. On that invoice on the second page, we found the name and contact number of the BSNL officer in our area.
However, we cannot find the accountant's name and contact number (TR) on the last invoice issued in August 2021. 

Indeed, it is clearly written on the invoice itself that we must contact the Telecom Revenue Accounts Officer for bsnl within 60 days of from the date of bill generated in related to billing complaints like excess or any other service charges etc., in the invoice or complaint about billing. But the sad part is that the BSNL invoice does not contain information on the name or contact number of the TR BSNL Accounts Officer in related to raise complaint for billing complaints.

BSNL Toll FREE Numbers for Complaint Registration

BSNL’s Toll Free Numbers for complaint registration or customer support are given below. If you are facing any issues / complaints about BSNL Services, you can immediately launch your complaint by dialing Toll Free Numbers of BSNL. Customers can also use BSNL Selfcare Portal / My BSNL App / BSNL Website (BAVA Chatbot) to register their complaint or grievance.
BSNL Complaint Booking Procedure through Online Public Grievance Portal (PG Portal)

Service CategoryToll Free Customer Care Number (from BSNL Network)Toll Free Customer Care Number (from Any Network)
BSNL Landline198 / 15001800 345 1500
BSNL GSM Mobile15031800 180 1503
BSNL Broadband - Bharat Fiber FTTH Broadband198 / /12678 / 15041800 180 1504
BSNL MPLS & Other Data Services1800 425 19571800 425 1957

If your problem is not resolved within satisfactory time period or BSNL Staff/Officials are not resolving the problem then there is a way to bring your problem / complaint to higher level by registering complains at BSNL Public Grievances (PG) Complaints Portal to resolve the issue within a specific time frame. Open your web browser and just visit BSNL Public Grievance Registration Portal @ http://pgrms.bsnl.co.in/pgs/internet/pgwebregn.asp

After filling the details, just click on submit then you will get your unique complaint ID. Note down this ID, so that we may follow up the registered complaint in future. Customers can check the status of already registered grievance @  http://pgrms.bsnl.co.in/pgs/internet/pgstatuswebregn.asp

BSNL Customer Care Helpline numbers in India for Various Services

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