BSNL bill payment offers: Quarterly payment for FTTH users

New quarterly bsnl bill payment offers scheme now available for BSNL Bharat fiber customers as promotional broadband services in all telecom circles.

BSNL broadband bill payment scheme Synopsis

  • Now broadband customers able to take advantage of quarterly payment schemes which is applicable to all ftth plans.
  • Customers who opt for the new quarterly payment scheme can take advantage of the free service for 15 days.
  • BSNL FTTH customers on Fiber Basic Plus, Fiber Value and Fiber Premium can benefit from the quarterly payment offer.

BSNL bill payment offers

Public Telecommunications Company Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited - BSNL in view of the FTTH plans customers demand has announced quarterly advance bsnl bill payment offer in all telecommunication circles. 

India's largest public internet service provider - BSNL has announced quarterly payment offers for recently launched Bharat Fiber (FTTH) broadband Internet plans. Based on the latest information published on bsnl official website bsnl.co.in, broadband new and existing BSNL Bharat Fiber (FTTH) customers can opt for these newly announced quarterly payment schemes. In these compromised schemes, a customer can take advantage of the free service for 15 days at no additional cost or rental.

However, BSNL 3 month bill payment schemes / offers are applicable and available for Fiber Basic Plus 599, Fiber Value 799 and Fiber Premium 999 plans. By paying the rent in advance for 3 months, a customer can enjoy the service for 3 months and 15 days in total . Therefore, a customer can use the service free of charge for 15 days as part of the BSNL FTTH quarterly payment schemes.

Plan NameFMC payable in advance*Service period
Fibre Basic Plus3 Months FMC - (Rs. 1797 i.e. Rs. 599*3)3 Months 15 days
Fibre Value3 Months FMC - (Rs. 2397 i.e. Rs. 799*3)3 Months 15 days
Fibre Premium3 Months FMC - (Rs. 2997 i.e. Rs. 999*3)3 Months 15 days

  • Fiber Basic Plus plan: Under this ftth monthly plan subscriber got an opportunity for bsnl fiber bill payment scheme upto 3 months in advance (Fixed monthly charges of Rs.1797, or Rs599 x 3).
  • Fiber Value Plan: The same as above under this ftth fiber plan subscriber need to pay 3-month advance charges i.e FMC (Rs. 2397, or Rs. 799 * 3).
  • Fiber Premium plan, a customer must pay a 3-month upfront charge i.e FMC (Rs. 2997, or Rs. 999 x 3).

An official statement from BSNL read as follows: - "The competent authority has decided to introduce the quarterly payment option committed on selected Bharat Fiber Broadband plans in all telecommunication circles as above".

The above charges are exclusive to GST. The BSNL TIP / LCO / MSO revenue share will only be provided upon completion of the bsnl ftth first month bill only for previously committed plans. BSNL's corporate office has ordered all telecommunications circles to comply with all regulatory mechanisms, including online reporting to the TRAI and also to update the circle's website. 

In addition, the telecom circle will make sure to comply with the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India - TRAI guideline regarding the number of plans of ftth. These instructions will take effect immediately on all circles (except the Andaman and Nicobar circle).

How to take advantage of BSNL FTTH bill payment quarterly scheme?

Customers who wish to change the monthly bsnl ftth bill payment scheme with these recently announced quarterly payment offers can submit their request to the nearest BSNL Customer Service Center / BSNL Telephone Exchange. 

After receiving application the concerned accounts department will update and change your bsnl broadband bill payment monthly plan to quarterly payment scheme. The updated information will be forwarded to concerned technical in-charge team after changing the scheme. 

The application is submitted by the customer of broadband a new invoice will be generated and will incorporate in the next month with a quarterly payment offer. Therefore, a customer only needs to prepay the following month.

The company recently announced bsnl ftth installation charges at free of cost at the time of new connection of bsnl broadband plans or bsnl ftth plans.

My FTTH plan is not Fiber Basic Plus / Fiber Value / Fiber Premium. How can I take advantage of the quarterly payment offer?

Currently, the quarterly payment offer is only available for the Fiber Basic Plus 599, Fiber Value 799 and Fiber Premium 999 plans. If your BSNL FTTH plan is not the one listed above, you can take advantage of this benefit by switching your plan to one of these 3 bsnl ftth plans according to your needs / download speed (Go for bsnl ftth speed test for bsnl ftth data usage check). You can change your bsnl broadband fiber plans online or by submitting a plan change request to the nearest BSNL Customer Care Center.

What are the benefits will get if i subscribed to Quarterly bill payment scheme?

Simply, instead of paying monthly rental customer can ease for a period of 3 months and enjoy uniterupted high speed internet services unlimited with the above specific bsnl tariff broadband plans. In addtion bsnl broadband fiber plans customer also get 15 days of free of service from the telecommunication company.

How to check bsnl broadband bill?

BSNL tariff broadband user can easily manage or check bsnl broadband bill by registering their services at bsnlselcare portal (bsnl official portal) to manage all accounts at one stop Know more.

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