BSNL WiFi connection plans WiFi-BU-234 and WiFi-BU-212 launched

In view of huge demand for bsnl internet connection plans unlimited BSNL introduces two new WiFi plans "WiFi-BU-212" and "WiFi-BU-234" and withdrawn existing "WiFi-BU-214" plan for mass users.

Public Telecommunications Company Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited - BSNL has announced the launch of new two new WiFi plans for mass users: "WiFi-BU-212" and "WiFi-BU-234" to provide WiFi internet connection services to bulk customers in cooperation with WiFi service providers for access points (HSSP).

BSNL WiFi connection plans

In addition to the above introducing new plans, the Public sector unit BSNL has also decided to scrap one of its existing bulk user Wi-Fi plans named "WiFi-BU-214" for new customers. 

After withdrawing wifi internet plan will not be available to new customers, however customers who have already subscribed to the withdrawn plan can enjoy the benefits and will continue till the validity period.

This latest bsnl tariff plans revision applicable for new wifi bulk user of bsnl with effect from from 3 June 2021 in all telecommunications circles.

As per official statement from bsnl website bsnl.co.in, under the rationalization of wifi internet plans for bulk users the review of wifi tariffs reads as follows: -

BSNL WiFi connection plans

To replace new bsnl wifi connection plans the existing and running WiFi-BU-214 designed for Wifi bulk user the Competent Authority bsnl has withdrawn for new customers to launch two new WiFi Bulk User plans to provide WiFi services to Bulk User customers in association with HSSP (Hot Spot Service Provider). Which Internet connection is best wired-wireless

New Bulk User BSNL WiFi Plans via WiFi Hot Spot Service Providers (HSSPs)

Plan NameBackhaul Bandwidth to HSLNo. of APsAnnual Charges
WiFi-BU-2122 Mbps1 to 296,000/- (Excl GST)
WiFi-BU-2342 Mbps3 to 42,00,000/- (Excl GST)

Withdrawn BSNL Bulk User WiFi Plan for new customers

Plan NameBackhaul Bandwidth to HSLNo. of APs Annual Charges
WiFi-BU-2142 Mbps1 to 42,00,000/- (Excl GST)

The revenue sharing with the HSSPs will be split according to the respective work order / agreement.

The above instructions will be implemented with effect from 06-03-2021 in all telecom tariff circles. 

All other existing Bulk User WiFi plans to provide WiFi services to Bulk User customers in association with HSSP and other terms and conditions will remain the same as the published or circulated earlier.

BSNL WiFi connection plans

These two 2Mbps speed offering Wifi-bu-212 and wifi-bu-234 are know to be the best bsnl wifi plans for Business / Corporate customers such as Hotels, Hospitals, universities, colleges, autonomous local authorities, public libraries, etc. 

BSNL targeted Business / Corporate customers and designed annual package bsnl wifi plans to take advantage of the BSNL WiFi services at the most convenient tariff plans of bsnl. 

BSNL will install these WiFi access points through WiFi service providers. Pricing plans depend on the number of access points (APs) and the backhaul bandwidth provided at the access point location. BSNL will be responsible for the authentication, authorization and accounting of WiFi users, and thus mass clients need not worry about user authentication and related issues.

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